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I spend my days powering out code, developing database driven websites, creating back office platforms, building Content Management Systems and anything that involves web programming.

Writing in Asp.Net MVC (c#) I can help with any web development requirements from a simple contact form, through to complex websites and custom back office solutions.

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If you are looking for some technical help with any web project you may have no matter how big or small, then please get in touch.

I have already created oodles of modules for a variety of tasks that can easily be dropped into any project you may have.

Metro Radio Arena

For the Metro Radio Arena I created a full Content Management System to power their website and latest events with integration into their Ticketmaster platform. They can manage about 90% of their site website themselves including events, news, Newcastle guide and all their marketing imagery.

Visit the Metro Radio Arena website

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Jennings Motor Group

What you see on the Jennings Motor Group website is just the tip of the iceberg. I created a full back office platform allowing Jennings to manage all of their used car stock, new cars, offers, blog, jobs and MOT bookings. I then integrated all of this into the Jennings Motor Group website allowing them management of all of their key areas.

Visit the Jennings Motor Group website

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Paul Airey

Internally Paul Airey use a dedicated property platform called Vebra to power their business and property information. Utilising the Vebra API I created a solution which pulls all their properties down multiple times a day and then display these properties in a custom designed website. Any changes that are made are then automatically synced to their website.

Visit the Paul Airey website

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The Shrewsbury Club

The Shrewsbury Club are a family friendly health club and spa and for this project I restructured their whole website, focused on their key services and then integrated a Content Management System (CMS). I also regularly provide advice and updates as their site grows and pro-actively add in new features.

Visit The Shrewsbury Club website

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Kensington Aparthotel

For Kensginton Aparthotel I integrated a custom built booking platform allowing them to take bookings direct on the website. This also included a bespoke back office system for them to manage all of their rooms, availability and then subsequent bookings.

Visit the Kensington Aparthotel website

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Teesside Link

Teesside Link are a business delivery service and I created a platform to totally streamline their whole business operation. Their customers can log in to their bespoke platform and create delivery jobs, which then allow Teesside Link to schedule in, allocate the delivery to one of their drivers and then automatically send invoices.

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